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Helping Hands Holiday Dinner



On Saturday, December 19, 2015 between 3000 and 5000 disadvantaged children will arrive at Henderson Arena for
the 26th Annual Helping Hands Holiday Dinner.

Please join us to attend or to volunteer!

For information on how to attend call...

(678) 964-4434




How can I help?

About 600 volunteers are needed to assist in the arena for the dinner and activities.

For 2015, volunteers in the arena are needed on Friday, December 18th for set-up 

and Saturday, December 19th for the event.

Volunteers are welcome to assist in administrative duties for the weeks leading up to the event.
Donations & Sponsors are welcome.


Online Contact Form

Use this application to sponsor or donate


Additional Assistance


Please be aware that Helping Hands Holiday Dinner is only able to provide services for disadvantaged children on the day of the event.  If you need assistance in other areas, please visit this website for local assistance.

United Way Atlanta

Volunteer Info:
(770) 964-3334
Donation & Sponsor Info:
(770) 964-3334
FAX: (770) 306-2680

Helping Hands Holiday Dinner wants to send a huge THANK YOU

to our financial contributers and supporters in 2014.


Nissan of Union City
Nissan of Union City
Kia of Union City
Toyota of Union City 
Toyota of Union City

 Diversified Electronics Servicing Georgia South Carolina




Domino's Pizza Fairburn

Wal Mart of Union City

        (770) 964-3334

        (770) 964-3334

  • FAX:

       (770) 306-2680

  •  eMail:
PLEASE NOTE - This is a NEW email address.  PLEASE add it to your CONTACTS LIST so you can receive the latest updates to the status of the event.  Thank you.



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